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Le nouveau Dubaï : épisode 2

13 Mars 2008, 21:14pm

Publié par Grégory SANT

this death-star like sphere is a design proposal for the RAK convention and exhibition centre in the
new city development, ras al khaimah. it was designed by rem koolhaas and reiner de graaf of
OMA architects. the building is made of glass and steel constructed in a giant sphere and located
beside a long and low exhibition space next to it.

currently awaiting completion, this art deco inspired building will house a hotel and residences.
'the burj dubai lake hotel' stands at 306 meters next to the duabi mall and the burj dubai lake.

also near completion is 'the bay gate', a 40-floor tower in dubai's business bay
area. its windows appear to fade away at the sides while the base is wrapped in
a multi-floor glass atrium.

named the 'G tower', this building was designed by YOO, a design company owned by
philippe stark and john hitchcox. its geometric and grid-like exterior is set to be complete
this summer. it is located in the city of arabia, just outside dubai.

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