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Une machine pour créer toutes vos recettes

21 Janvier 2010, 19:48pm

Publié par Grégory SANT

Eolic: A Foldable, Portable Wind Turbine

by Ariel Schwartz, 01/21/10

sustainable design, green design, renewable energy, eolic, wind power, wind energy, wind turbine

Sure, it’s easy enough to find a quality portable solar charger, but powerful, portable wind turbines are a different story. Enter the Eolic, a portable turbine that can be mounted on its telescopic pole in just three steps.


Common Pavement Sealer is Actually A Harmful Carcinogen

by Bridgette Meinhold, 01/21/10

ashpalt, carcinogen, pavement sealer, cancer causing chemical, pavement,

Researchers have recently discovered that a commonly used sealant found on our parking lots, driveways and sidewalks is actually a harmful carcinogen. What’s even worse is that we pick up little particles of it on our shoes when we walk across these surfaces and track it into our homes! There are no known studies yet on the health effects, but there’s no sense in waiting. It’s time to ban this dangerous carcinogen from our lives.


Michael Jantzen’s Towering Eco-Hotel Sports a Ski Slope!

by Evelyn Lee, 01/21/10

Sustainable Design, green design, eco design, eco resort, green resort, ski-slope hotel, green ski slope hotel, eco ski hotel, solar powered hotel, solar hotel, green power hotel, Sustainable Hotel, Sustainable Resort, Green Hotel, Wind Turbines, Michael Jantzen, North Slope Eco-Hotel, Eco-Hotel, Solar Powered Array

What’s not to love about a 95-room hotel with a giant, 400 foot built-in ski slope – especially if it’s powered by wind and sun? This is one resort that definitely redefines on-slope accommodations. Designed by the always imaginative Michael Jantzen, this eco-hotel offers a new way to experience the frosty luxuries of Aspen with all of our favorite green features.


London’s Unpackaged Grocery Shop Eliminates Wasteful Packaging

by Bridgette Meinhold, 01/21/10

packaging, waste free packaging, product packaging, packaging reuse, no packaging, unpackaged, grocery store, groceries, bulk items, bulk foods, london

What do you get when you combine clever marketing, a cute shop, delicious and beautiful food, and eliminate the packaging? A genius idea we wish we had thought of first! Unpackaged is a boutique grocery shop in London that works like the bulk food section of your local store, relying on you, the customer, to bring in your own packaging as a way to eliminate waste. The store sells everything from nuts, flour, sugar, beans, herbs and spices, to oils, vinegars, produce, cheese, bread and even wine! With strict eco-policies on where their source their food, Unpackaged is one of the most environmentally friendly grocery stores we’ve seen.


MIT’s Digital Food Printer Creates Nutritious Meals

by Diane Pham, 01/20/10

sustainable design, green design, MIT, digital food printer, no waste, cooking, 3d printer, Cornucopia, well balanced meals

C'est une réflexion intéressante : pourquoi ne pas  "imprimer " vos aliments ? Marcelo Coelho et Amit Zoran, deux étudiants du MIT en sont venu à proposer  une imprimante 3D pour fabriquer chez soi les recettes désirées grâce à des cartouches alimentaires.

Source : inhabitat.com

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It's an interesting thought: why not "print" your food? Marcelo Coelho and Amit Zoran, two MIT students are coming to offer a 3D pc computer printer to create natural treatments with recommended
foods items.